Beast Tube! (warning:animal videos below*) *you wish, pervert

Editor’s note: wordpress keeps track of how many people come to this website and what they search for to find it. Besides the 6 of us that usually check it and the few lurker friends of ours who don’t comment but for some reason like to watch us mindlessly argue about shit we don’t know about, the overwhelming majority of traffic comes here via google searches for… you guessed it: beasttube, beastube and beast tube. A few weeks back I wrote a little piece about (which actually gives beasttube a run for its money in the creepiness category) and the other websites and happened to mention That’s when the degenerate flood gates opened. Because of that one post a month ago, these are the web searches that directed people to our site yesterday, searches for:

beasttube 12
beast tube 3
most listened to music in 1999 1
like beasttube 1
beasttube where 1
beasttube like 1
similar to beasttube 1
beasttube free movie share 1
beasttube archive 1
beasttube similar 1

I honestly don’t know exactly why people are searching for beasttube and then coming to our site, but I find it very amusing, they are like the (hilarious) bastard children of the internet. Just in case they were looking for a detailed history of the site. Here it is.

Greetings, deviants. My statistics show about 20 of you will read this today. It is disturbing to think there are that many of you here in one place. I would say that you should all be ashamed of yourself, but who am I to judge you and your animal loving ways. I mean, its not like you guys are starting wars or anything (thats right, im looking at you Instead I will sarcastically hint at you being creepy scumbags, but as long as you’re not hurting anyone I say suck that donkey dick and pay that hooker to get screwed by that dog. Everyone wins right there right? Animal cruelty? Where?. That looks like the happiest horse I have ever seen involved in an accidental human death due to penetration of the large intestine. And now without further ado, I give you all what you came for: BEAST TUBE!!!!

The year was 2006 and as Christmas approached the animal fuckers, excuse me, I mean those who engage in Zoophilia, would get quite surprise when they scoured the internet for picture of pony penises. tells me it was December 10th , 2006 when it found and cached a screen shot of this increasingly popular website. The following is from The Wayback Machine’s timeline of the site:

  • By December 30th, it already had a fancy login and a Web2.0 feel with over 12 videos on the website. They had come quite a long way.
  • By the end of March they were selling advertisements to among others. I wonder if the entrepreneurs of the site were into beastiality or just shrewd capitalists, looking to be the next
  • But alas! By May what had come so quickly, was gone. There was only a simple text version of the page and no videos, hardly worthy of its URL. And then, sometime after August 2007, it started linking to, a plain old boring human porno site.

What happened to the original internet beastiality video sharing community? Did the IRS take them out for tax fraud? Was the webmaster killed in Enumclaw or sued into oblivion by PETA? The world may never know. For now, you must search on, for your beloved site does not exist, but lucky for you the internet is a creepy place. GOOD LUCK!

Conclusion: This is pretty much a gimme as far as blog stats go and I plan on smashing our previous record of 12 people viewing our site in one day, but after over an hour researching and writing about it- OK well over 2 hrs as I now go through editing – , I know far more than I ever wanted to about that site. I look forward to letting you know how many more searches we have after this post. Perverts: feel free to discuss your thoughts on our site below. After this post (and subsequent commenting) I swear I will not joke about beast tube anymore.


100 Responses to “Beast Tube! (warning:animal videos below*) *you wish, pervert”

  1. Parker you are a fucking internet marketing genius!

    I think we really should run with this whole Beasttube idea. So if any of our new readers want to post their Animal Sex videos on our website please feel free.

  2. Today’s search referrals (as of about 10am):
    beast tube 49
    what happened to beasttube 7
    beasttube 7 5
    beasttube similar 5
    beast 4
    my beast tube 3
    beasttube like site 3
    better than beasttube 2
    beasttube where 2
    As you can see they are really coming out of the woodwork this morning. They don’t say much though… I still don’t understand how or why they are coming to this site. If you Google “beasttube like site” we are no where to be found in the search results.

    Hello pervert friends! WTF? explain yourselves… who are you and why did you come to this site?

    • hello 🙂
      i came to this site because……erm……..i was looking for this website with people having….. sex….. with…. well beasts i suppose, dogs particularly but i spect they got various other farmyard or dare i say even woodland creatures in thier collection. dont know if id watch them tho….woodland creatures are quite small and they may get hurt. “strange” you may think that somone who enjoys watching women getting shafted by dogs would be put off by the idea of anything at all but somhow the concept of say somone attempting to penertrate a hedgehog or masturbateing in the face of a dormouse just doesnt appeal to me. any more questions chaps?

  3. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Zoophelia, but I normally would wait until at least noon.

  4. I mean at least they aren’t Gays huh Kev….

  5. I can’t find any videos or pictures of animal related sex on the web to satisfy our new fan base. Parker as a rapid capitalist your should be all over this business opportunity. There is without a doubt an ummet need for media of people fucking animals/animals fucking people. We must act now!

    Kev don’t you have a video camera, a penis, and a dog???

  6. I wish these beasttubers would quit distorting our blogstats.

    I also predict that 100% of the beasttubers are also homosexuals. Gay sex is the gateway to other nonconventional sex. Plus – if you are a dude haveing sex with a male animal, that is definately gay.

  7. we also have 9 searches today for “terry adler” – any correlation?

  8. Hahaha my friend told me to look for this site! I didn’t believe him, nice job guys! ^_^

  9. Wow what a day…we are going to be rich!

  10. I don’t understand why a perfectly good post about the existence of aliens cannot generate this sort of traffic.

  11. Maybe you should throw some buzz words into your alien post. May I suggest anal, probe, abduct (or any form of the word abduct). Ideally you’d like to get multiple buzz words into one sentence. i.e. “If I were ever to get abducted by an alien and anal probed, I would hope that the footage would not end up on

  12. Jesus Christ DP, you’re a genius. Consider this an open invitation to write a post. … unless you came here to find animal videos, in which case Kevin thinks that you are a gay.

  13. We had 329 visits to our blog yesterday, smashing our previous record of 99 hits. Thank you again Animal fucking community!

  14. I doubt that the beasttubers will be tricked by our site more than once, so I assume that our blogstats are actually tracking how many beasttubers actually exist. Right now there are at least 500 of them.

  15. Funny… I like the idea …. try and do this for all the different tubes

  16. Blogstats are spiking again – we need more buzzwords to keep driving this.

  17. Friday night is a popular night for beasttubers – breaking all blogstat expectations. Almost 400 hits yesterday.

  18. What are the chances we could convince to advertise on our site?

    Thats w-w-w-dot-webcowdvds-dot-com !

  19. In the 8 days since this post went up we have had 4480 hits.

  20. What is that digg story thing? I demand an explanation.

  21. Kevin – I don’t feel the need to explain myself to you… how about you just digg the goddamn story ok?

  22. Its -philia not -phelia.

  23. Thanks for looking out, the correction has been made.

    So would you say your interests are: 1)zoophilia 2)grammar in that order? or on some days are you more into one over the other and it switches? Call me Kinsey, but im curious…

  24. Can one of the 800 beasttube fans that visit our site each day please explain why you don’t make comments??? This could be a great forum for you guys to get your ranks built up and start the new beasttube revolution.

    Viva la Beasttube!!!

  25. Parkerm, just trying to help out.
    I finally heard about beast tube and in my morbid curiosity I had to check it out, but it was gone. I’m a zoology major so it was purely for science of course. What ever a man and a woman and a donkey and a goat want to do is their business.

  26. Well, at least we have our first explanation of why someone came here. Its obviously a complete LIE, but at least its somethin.

    and remember “Me”, whatever a man and a woman and a donkey and a goat want to do is not their business, it everyone’s business, free for everyone to watch online.

    Viva la Beasttube!!!

  27. Sorry if you think my reason for coming here was a lie, its not. Yes, I was looking for beasttube, but I’m not into beastiality like that; it was morbid curiosity. But oh well.

  28. besides I like my porn normal: a bunch of midgets, dressed as smurfs, spanking a she-male nun.

  29. Welcome Beasttuber. Please feel free to join our other conversations on this blog – it would be a refreshing change to hear the voice from the animal fucking community.

  30. Oh I see. Your all a bunch of retards who cannot comprehend anything beyond you own narrow mindedness. Oh well, I could really give a fuck less what the fuck you think. I told the truth but you are too mentally deficient to understand. Normally I would just give up on people like you, but your so utterly and unbelievably idiotic I think I will hang around just to see what kind of dribble you come up with.

  31. settle down there “me”, just having a little fun with you. and just because we can’t “comprehend anything beyond (our) own narrow mindedness” just means we aren’t used to your obsession. it doesnt mean we arent trying to understand your perversion with having sex with animals.

    Maybe we can get a support group set up so other animal fuckers can relate to “me” and provide support, the first two times he commented he said his email address was . his IP address is . Which doesnt tell me much about him other than that his internet provider is TDS Telecom in (no surprise here) Madison, Wisconsin.

  32. Madison, wisconsin?
    Im in MI.

  33. I hate society Says:

    I clicked on some assholes link in moonbuggy and ended up here,

  34. well….i feel sort of bad about it.
    but its me,some part of me i cant realy understand why i have it.
    well to tell you the truth i first discovered that i like a have feelings for animals when i went to my grandpas farm.i had alot of fun there i also learnt how to drive a tractor.i also went horse riding around there.horses are one of my favourite animals,the other is dolphins.but anyway ill get to that after my ride my grandpa said i can go clean up the horses,so ofcourse i went.i went and rubbed them and brushed them down.took all the ticks off and also washed them.we have 4 mares and 2 stallions.i cleaned up all the mares firsti well noticed that i got turned on by them i tried to ignor it but well i couldnt help myself.i well messed around with them,also the stallions.after that my life was changed forever.i didnt know what to do or was so shamefull.i tired to forget it all and did pretty well for a while.although i was still in a bad way.i couldnt express myself properly anymore.i was now keeping almost everything.i had alot of mixed stage it was finaly getting okay.where i managed everyday withought a hitch and almost totaly forgot the whole thing.till one day when i was looking for piont in hiding it since ou heard about the farm.i was looking for the usual one day when i saw a odd link.some name that totaly gripped me.i thought totaly bizzar and i checked it out.
    i was amazed to see a girl sucking a horse,i felt the most strangest felling.
    you know the feeling.i was curios and id realy started to like it all over always loved animals but not that way.not to long after i discovered i loved animals…i wasnt realy ashamed anymore since id found out that it wasnt just me.there were hundreds of realy helped alot talking to the other guys.i sort of started to get along with my freinds again.then well i found that site it was freaking mazing.well let me just stop sure im sort of freaking you guys out bad.well if you want to know anything just ask hey.
    by the way so sorry for all the spelling mistakes.i had to use a laptop today.not used to it so yeah.i was looking for reasons why the site is gone and where it might have gone but i dont mind talking to you guys about some of the stuff you want to know.

  35. anyone?

  36. I think you pretty much summed everything up in your first comment johno, thanks. But how about Shaun Alexander, huh? … up and released him…

  37. Okay, I want to explain some things.
    I got here because I was trying to find out what had happened to beasttube.
    Yes, I am a zoo, and I’m not a “pervert”.
    We don’t hurt anybody by doing what we do. We don’t even hurt our animals,
    because we love them. And this is not rape, because they can show you when they want to do sth, and they have teeth and claws, and they will use them to make you know.

    I’ll be back soon to see your replies.

  38. NP:

    There seems to be several paths down the slippery slope of non-human sex partners. So my question to you is two-part. A) How do you feel about robosexuals? and B) How do you “choose” (loaded word, I know) animals over robots?

    bonus question: What are you currently doing to stop robosexuals from stealing the show?

  39. I just want to get on record right now that I support robot sex. I am not just ok with it I am actively campaigning for it.

  40. Hi again.
    I didn’t know the term “roboseaxuals”, so I read about it here.

    English is not my native language so I don’t understand everything.
    A) I bit confused, I didn’t know such thing existed. I have seen it in the movies and on the net, but I never thought about it in a sexual way.
    I don’t understand how people can get “in love” with machines or bots, and even practise cybersex. I have never done it, and I won’t, because I’m not into it.
    As many people say: “what you do behind closed doors is your business”. Right?

    B) I do not choose, I have been like this all my life I think.
    I went through a difficult period of my life some time ago.
    I tried to negate what I felt about animals. I searched into my memories, desperately looking for an answer to this, to find out when I changed.

    You can’t make a comparison between animals and robots.
    Robots are just things and they will always be like that.
    Animals can give love in a way no other human or thing can. They are loyal, they don’t lie about their feelings.

    Bonus question: What show are you talking about?

    I’m short of time but I think I got what you mean with those questions. If not, let me know.

    Ask more if you want, but be pacient because I don’t understand many thigns.

  41. this is actually quite interesting here. beasttube was something i stumbled onto during my search for regular old porn, and it was just something quirky i had to look into. bummer it’s gone, but there’s always something on the net. the idea of robosex kinda makes me twitch(in the bad way), but that’s just personal preference i guess- not much else really freaks me out. so, i don’t have this long involved story of how i always was or am severely attracted to animals or anything, but i guess that’s cool. free sex for the impotent! ha, and viva la beasttube.

  42. But I guess you went back a few times to look again at the site. I think everybody is curious and want to have a better look. You find it different, so you want to go and see a bit more.

    Robosex is disgusting for me, the idea of fucking or loving a machine is sick…
    And now you will say that what we do is disgusting too, that is “unnatural” (as many say). But robo is more “unnatural” it is not even a living creature, machines don’t love, do not feel, it is just a software.
    We share love with our animals, it is a mutual feeling.

    So “Aguante BeastTube, carajooo! (as they will say in my country)
    It is a shame the web won’t be on again.

  43. All I know is my machines tell me they love me and if loving them is sick, then I don’t want to be healthy.

  44. It’s ok, it’s your life. What I said is my opinion, but I can be wrong.

  45. Opinions are technically neither wrong or right, so that’s up in the air. If you wanna have sex with robots, you go right ahead. I’ll just be over… here… not having sex with a robot. 😀 But what about aliens? Is it really nonconsentual probing going on in those spaceships??? I’m suspicious. Although I’m not sure I’d want to bump uglies with something green and slimy, which is how i picture aliens- they probably aren’t like that at all. Anywhoo, thoughts anyone?

  46. Kate – I think I speak for everyone when I say you have crossed the line. Good day Sir.

  47. Glad to be of service.

  48. How have we ended talking about sex with aliens? Wasn’t this topic about Beast Tube?

  49. I R RANDOM Says:

    I came to this page looking for what happened to beasttube, I’m probably going to leave laughing my ass off, for 2 reasons as follows:

    1)How certain people took this topic way too seriously than needed, and

    2)just the most random comments/responses/arguements that took place because of all this seriousness.

  50. LeeLeeLou Says:

    I LOVED beasttube. I looked it up FOR the animal sex…I’m a perv that way. Unfortunatly, there’s not enough free animal porn. I love that shit. I am intrigued as hell. A horse dick? Up in some chicks stuff? Whoa, Trigger!!!! So I checked out this site just to see what was going on. I’ve gotten a kick out of this, too, though not the same KICK i would have gotten from seeing animals and people in sexual situations! HAHAHA!!!

  51. Ashley Williams Says:

    I admit that I was searching for a combination of the terms “zoophelia” and “webmaster.” I don’t know if you consider this a good reason or not, but I actually was doing research. I’m involved in scam baiting (look it up). A lot of scammers come from West African countries were beastiality is jut about the last taboo they won’t break. So I’m thinking about creating a baiting identity which works as a webmaster for a zoophelia site — just to see if they are willing to trade their moral superiority for a chance to steal my money. It happens.

  52. Well good luck with all that, and in case he did not make it clear, LeeLeeLou is not afraid to break that taboo.

  53. The fascination is the tacky women who do this, the trick is to watch the video without looking directly at the dog dick.

  54. How many tries did it take before you learned not to stare at the dog dick?

  55. I just don’t think I could ever get it. That beautiful red dog dick is like a magnet for my eyes.

  56. Wow! Hot damn! My Robosexuals essay was mentioned here. You know how awesome that is to randomly come across, and see that someone read it?

  57. About half as awesome as fucking a Robot?

  58. If you get caught cheating with a robot, is that a big deal? Or is it just kind of embarrasing, like if you get caught masturbating?

  59. wheres the other transformers, i want beast tube.

  60. BeastTube is gone and I don’t think it will ever come back.
    Try PetSex.Com. Free and has much better stuff that BTube.

    I like the men and animals section 😉

  61. PetSex – the tag that will drive hits in 2009.

  62. I am searching day and night for animals to fuck and film here in thailand to get our site going again. I will keep you posted…

  63. I just think it’s hot the way the women act when a big canine’s just humping away.

  64. *high fives Ruff*

  65. Snoop Doggy Dong Says:

    Viva la beast tube

  66. hahaha hilarious good job!

  67. there are somany sex & fucking vedios of animals with human being. i wants to purchase those vedios if provide the address as i m of indian is very anxioty to see these vedios

  68. Holy carp! I thought my friends were joking about this stuff…

  69. beastiality free love Says:

    Thank you. I have expanded my tags to include besides St.Frances and religion also the following:
    Jesus Christ
    Jesus Mary and Joseph
    Virgin Mary
    Mary Magdalene
    St Peter
    St Paul
    St Thomas
    burning heretics
    torturing Galileo
    depleted uranium half life of 4,500,000,000 years
    how to make a weapon of mass destruction
    how to join AlQueda
    how to become a suicide bomber
    how to die for the rich as a marine

    LOL LOL 😉

  70. beastiality free love Says:

    OK. I just wanted to get everyone´s attention.
    Go here —>
    and then scroll down and go to ¨Dogie Obedience Lesson No. 1. Do everything that says to do. Then go to all the other Dogie Obedience lessons….because there is always something new to learn when it cumms to illicitly hott with lust and forbidden love. 😉

  71. Listen, to all of my zoo brothers and sisters, I have took it upon myself to embark on the quest to bring back beasttube. Yes beasttube will live to see another day but I require the support of anyone who is truly dedicated to the rigor in this process. However, if this works, beasttube will be back online and zoos will once again have their haven. Anyone who is interested can email their words to

  72. send me some porn videos

  73. Yeah, I don’t do that kind of thing. But I’ve been with some pretty under appreciative women. Who knows,maybe some of those people who do that WERE lonely because a woman left him or maybe a man left the woman and the woman/man felt attracted to an animal that truly loves that woman or man.

  74. What if you found out that your lifemate wasn’t human?

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