Materialism…. WTF

I bought a new Nike sweatshirt today. TJ Max, $30. Originally $50. Gray zip up hoody. It is literally just a gray sweatshirt, but I have been beaming all day since I bought this thing. I feel wonderful in it. It is comfortable, it fits well, and looks badass. My day has legitimately been way fucking better than it ever would have been without that sweatshirt.

It is just a sweatshirt though. This happens to me with every purchase I make. I got a new cell phone last weekend – love it. If I get a new pair of shoes I can’t stop wearing them. I immediately want to to show everybody anything I buy and talk about how cool I think it is.

What the fuck is my problem? Consumerism/Materialism seems to be accepted around here as a fundamental evil in our society. Why does it make me so genuinely happy with myself to wear this sweatshirt? Has our society trivialized life so much that my joys in this world come from a hoody from TJ Max now?

The greatest joys in life are:

1. New Experiences 

2. Competitive sports/physical activity

3. Accomplishing something 

4. A good joke/good story/good conversation

 5. buying shit

6. being comfortable/sleeping

7. Eating tasty food/drink  

8. Orgasms

9. Taking a shit

I think that is a pretty comprehensive list of all things in life that bring joy to me. Interestingly, buying things has krept up above sleeping, eating, sex, and pooping.

I probably speak out about how our consumer based society is a piece of garbage as much as anybody, but today I recognized that I am a complete hypocrite. I absolutely love buying new shit.

On another note, I think I will completely give up on trying to buy and fashionable items for clothes. I will now only wear sports apparrel. It is very comfortable and looks nice.

Anyways, I haven’t posted for a while, so I am going with this. I feel as if I have nothing relavent to offer on Parker’s post, although I enjoyed it. Parker – you are turning into a bit of a mad scientist.


7 Responses to “Materialism…. WTF”

  1. And happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the 2nd best holiday of the year. Tied with 4th of July.

  2. I too am a hypocrite. No matter how hard I argue that consumerism is the devil’s work there is no denying that instant jolt of excitement that comes from the purchase of something you need (chainsaw sculpture of a hand flipping the bird) or at least strongly desire (discount hoody from TJ Max). Yet, this feeling is fleeting and unsustainable even with additional purchases, much like drugs. Additionally, the constant barrage of things I “need” to buy and my submitting to these false desires gives me a rather sickly feeling.

    I have been traveling through Central America for the past month and what I have noticed most clearly is the increase in prevalence of electronics and other not quite necessary consumer goods (just about everyone seems to have a cell phone, down to indigenous villagers who live seconds from anyone they would ever possibly need to call). No one seems to be upset, let alone outraged by this new trend. On the contrary they are mesmerized by the flashing lights and annoying beeps much like the majority of people on this earth. But perhaps that disgusted feeling only comes with the oversaturation of gadgets and gizmos that are constantly distracting you from the crazy reality of life. Or, maybe I just need to lighten the fuck up and learn to enjoy cool shit from time to time without letting it run my lfie.

    On a related note I recently lost my camera on a bus ride and it took me multiple days to recover from the nearly physical pain I felt. I guess I’m just another slave to material goods after all.

    On another related note I will soon be throwing myself into a situation on the other side of the spectrum when I go to live on a commune-like organic farm in the heart of Mexico. I will try to keep you up to date on this experiment but will most likely find myself unable to relate in a way that you materialistic pigs would understand (i will have gone completely insane).

  3. Also, good jokes and taking shits seem to be a little underrated on your list and watching your friends lose their minds on halucinogenic drugs is conspicuously absent.

  4. A couple times recently I’ve been talking to someone, realizing that I’m trying to work out how to get the conversation toward whatever shit I last bought. Then I realize this and have to make the conscious decision of whether to proceed down the conversation’s path or not. I usually do because of how awesome I must seem to the other person when they realize they don’t own that specific item yet. Actually I’m pretty sure I end up walking away subconsciously feeling a little more hollow inside. Then again that person probably didn’t want to hear about the science fiction novel I’m currently reading so, what can ya do…

    Its an annoying thing to come to terms with the idea that I’m slaving away to the Man, who keeps me stocked with just enough cash in my pocket to purchase whatever new item I can afford to desire… at this point in the conversation I would like to update you all with the fact that I am typing this out on my new phone (full qwerty!), my cell phone bill is a little higher but my status in society has increased significantly. I recommend the phone more than a good poop, but less than comfy nap.

    Spencer, I left my old camera with joe when he was continueing on in south america after his was jacked on a bus. It’s awesome for travelling because it runs on 2 AA bateries and has been dropped in water several times and keeps on taking completely mediocre photographs. Anyway if you want it I will literally ship it to you if you email me an address. I almost threw it away the other day. if I don’t hear from you ill go ahead and address it to your name, Mushroom Commune, Mexico. It’ll eventually get to you I’m sure.

  5. I won`t have a steady address until february (which will be Chainsaw Morgan, Mushroom Commune-Cult, Estado de Mexico, Mexico) but if I`m still in need of a camera I will definitely take you up on that very kind offer.

  6. I had a really strong realization recently that my happiness in life is almost completely arbitrary. Or at least beyond my scope of understanding. It honestly has almost nothing to do with what happens to me or the actual events of my life. I just wake up in the morning and sometimes I am incredibly happy and optimistic about this life. The next day I may wake up and feel really overwhelmed and disillusioned with my existence. There are days when everything goes completely wrong and I am confident and positive through the adverse situations. There are also days when everything goes great and I feel like shit.

  7. Are you sure it is random? Or is it possible that your happyness directly coorolates to your amount of recent purchases and you haven’t noticed?

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