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Arrest that man

Posted in City with tags , , on Friday, April 3 by City

There is some talk on tha intarweb after Obama’s well publicized gift giving/transfer of illegal goods. Giving the ipod to the munchkin queen of oz just shows how ridiculous copyright laws are when it would take a court ruling to decide if that pass of a gift was a legal transaction. From a blogger at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, he says that in all the 9000 words of the agreement you click through when you download an mp3, it still doesn’t specify whether that is legal or not. If Obama had bought the tracks that went on the ipod (Broadway songs, and probably some Insane Clown Possee) from Amazon then they explicitly say it’s illegal due to their terms of use which really only licenses you the songs and you never really own them.

I hope they arrest the queen for posession of stolen goods.