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A first rate song

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This is the long awaited video to one of my favorite songs. Also you may note Aaron Rux in the video as it’s his song


Sarah Palin and Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live

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This is very funny. You know what is not funny is the fact that Tina Fey is actually more qualified to be vice president of the United States of America. Also Jason Sudeikis’ Joe Biden is hilarious.

I can’t figure out a better way to put this video up. Parker please figure this out.

Terrance McKenna

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Terrance Mckenna is to human beings what burning man is to festivals. I didn’t really prescreen these, they just happened to be two videos I watched today at work. If you are interested in unique thinkers you really should spend a few hours and see what Terrance McKenna has to offer…


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Kevin’s Wedding

just uploaded these

Opinions are like Nazi Germany…

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I went for a hike after work today. I decided I was going to use the time alone to try and think of something to write about. I have always really enjoyed writing, but lately I have found it pretty difficult. Today would be the day I actually put a little effort in. After about an hour the realization struck me that I honestly had nothing to say. Nothing. Not a political injustices to thwart or a commentary on some form of social retardation, not even a horribly embellished account of something I sorta did. That got me thinking, “Where did all the ideas go?” I had always been so full of pride will all the theories and philosophies I conjured up or more often than not blatantly plagiarized. I used these ideas to define myself. Without ones ideals and prejudices what is left?

My first thought was that perhaps I was just getting mentally dull with age and social repetition. I mean I am already 25 and a half, maybe I was falling into an early case of the mental atrophy that seems to consume all seniors. There is obviously a day in everyone’s life when they stop having/accepting new thoughts and go with the fall back plan of telling of old irrelevant stories and blind stubbornness. Was it possible my time had just come a few decades to early?

Though still possible after a little more mental investigation this didn’t seem to be the case. Now more than ever I felt a hunger for knowledge. A few years after leaving my formal education behind me I was able to step past being the GPA junky that high school and college had warped me into. I no longer was going through the administrative motions solely to acquire some artificial incentive; I felt I had acquired a genuine interest in learning.

After a little deeper thought it finally dawned on me what is happening. It seems I am losing my ability to hold an opinion. Sure I have opinions on everything, like we all do. There is not an aspect of this world I don’t have some belief on. Work sucks, he’s stupid, I’m right, Seahawks rule, that’s fun, she’s beautiful, that should be legal, that should probably be made illegal. I still have all those racing through my head every second, what has happened though is that I have started realizing how fucking retardedly arbitrary my opinions really are. Nothing I “think” has any real relevance to the reality of the world. It is only my subjective manipulation of the actual facts of the world being manifested as my opinion. I have always grasped opinions in the past because they gave me some form of intellectual leverage over the world that made “me” something. I was always trying to be right and prove my grasp of life. As have spent more time paying attention to myself and being aware of life, not thinking about it but just simple observing it for what it is, it has become more and more apparent to me that all this thought really is is a crude often insecure self shielding way of manipulating the reality of life.

I don’t really know how to end this; I am certainly not trying to come off as though I have figured anything out. Quite the opposite the more time I spent considering life the less it seems to make sense to me. All I am trying to say is that my OPINION is that we are all completely full of shit and we should step back and look at the foundation of our beliefs and see if there really is a foundation at all.

Doug Stanhope Blog

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As many of you know I am a Doug Stanhope fan. In fact I have gone on record saying he is the funniest man on the planet. That being said Doug is done with his recent comedy tour so is writing again on his blog. It is usually pretty funny so check it out. Also he has a pretty cool review of some comedy albums I thought was interesting.

Besides that I dont really have much else to say. I think people are going to start writing again on here sometime soon so don’t give up quite yet.

10 Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me (#2)

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Private Property- (By this I am strictly speaking of land.) For starters and not actually related to my confusion with private property I would like to say that I don’t really think anyone actually “owns” land in the US. You are simply leasing your land from the government. Two reasons that come to mind for this semi-coherent belief, first off if you don’t pay property taxes each year the government comes and kicks you off the land takes it as it’s own. How is that not the exact same as every other form of lease? Just because the lessor is the government that doesn’t really seem to make it any different to me. The second reason and what actually brought this thought to my immediate attention is the idea of eminent domain. For those of you who didn’t take “intro to law” or don’t have a functional understanding of your lack of civilian rights in this police state, eminent domain is the concept that the Government at any time can take your land if it is deemed in the public’s best interest (that deeming is done by the government). The do have to pay you “market” value (also decided by the government), but you have no right to refuse. I am sure there are some other reason why you don’t really own your own land, but those 2 where enough to completely convince me so I stopped looking any further.

So now to the actual thing that doesn’t make sense to me. That is the idea of private property itself. My problem is with the fact that I can’t see where the justification comes from for a person to privately own something to the complete exclusion of everyone else. To me this is another example of human arrogance as we divided up and claim ownership of something that is infinitely greater than our own little existences (That was my Crazy Native American blood coming out again, If I start quoting mother earth and the wolf spirit I am officially going to stop stating my opinions in public).

I do admit I have a hard time implementing a functional alternative, but just because something might not be practical under the current social system doesn’t mean that it isn’t a superior idea. What do you think should someone just because they “own” the property be able to exclude other people from enjoying the planet?