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Meaning of Life (part 1)

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What is the meaning of life? Why am “I”, what a fucking insane concept the idea of “I” is on its own when you really think about it, but yea why am “I” on this flying piece of rock in the middle of space? You ever just sit and think about that? It really fucking trips me to just consider that idea. Is there actual meaning for my life? I can see why people don’t really like to think about shit like that, it is a hell of a lot more comforting to just turn on “Prison Break” and let your life piss away in state of relative indifference. Well for some reason instead of turning on the TV or other such activities that would possibly allow for me to actually “enjoy life” I find some sort of weird sadistic pleasure in thinking about shit I will never actually understand. So yea why are we here?

I will start off where most of the fucking retards on this planet turn, GOD. To me the concept of God is incredibly comforting, if I could believe in God I would probably get some fucking sleep once and a while. Yet, to believe in God I would pretty much have to retard my brain to a level that I have not yet been able to accomplish, no matter what mixture of chemicals I have swashed it with. I don’t have the time or the will to go over all the contradiction and pieces of illogical nonsense you could find in the predominantly accept religious story books. Yet without even cracking a book this little retardism jumps out at me: Why the fuck would God give a shit what you are doing? Do you really think there is some all powerful egomaniac up there keeping score of your life and documenting all your failures and short comings? I don’t mean that in the “he would probably have more important things to do” sense, but in the why the fuck would do you think God would think like a human being. I know we as human beings are inherently limited in our scope of thought, but really just think about the mindset of God for a bit…After attempting to get in the mindset of God for 20 minutes I have resigned myself to the fact that it is fucking impossible to even consider what God’s train of thought might be. That alone is good enough reason to completely discount the idea of interpreting or attempting to understand God’s intentions, but just for a little thought experiment I am going to go ahead and put myself in God’s shoes. I won’t write out a full dialogue of what I as God would be thinking (I just did that and it was really fucking stupid). So what I will just go ahead and paraphrase what I think God might be thinking: “I don’t give a shit what you do. I am God and I already fucking know what is going to happen because, guess what, I created the whole fucking thing.”

Just a side note but also isn’t God suppose to be perfect in all these religions. By definition anything created by something perfect is by nature of its creator perfect also. Therefore all of us apparent pieces of shit are also perfect. Well what is wrong with that idea, to be honest probably nothing. If there is a perfect God (a big IF) and he created us then we would all be perfect. Well then where does all this sinning and judgment come in? To the best of my knowledge that comes exclusively from human beings going ahead and taking the liberty to create a God entirely in their image. By that I of course mean one who is just as shitty, small minded, judgmental, and fucking stupid as they are. I assume everyone realizes that all these religions were created by people, normal humans just like you and I. Well not exactly like you and I due to the fact that 2000 years ago people were about 20 times more retarded than they are today. All I am trying to say is that the people who wrote the original religious texts probably fucked a few things up and maybe you shouldn’t be following them verbatim.

I will end on this note. I don’t think people who are religious are inherently terrible or stupid. I know some incredibly intelligent and logical people who use a religion as a vehicle for faith and by doing so better their lives. I very much respect and in some ways am envious of them for this “faith” they speak of, probably due to the fact that I was born without a trace of the faculty used to comprehend “faith”. After an attempt to save a little face with my Christian friend I should probably end by saying how pathetically disgusting I find 99% of the religious people in this world who use religion solely as a way to needlessly judge other people to make them feel slightly less shitty about their meaningless lives.

Well that is pretty much all I can think of to say about that for now. Oh I should probably point out that this post started out as an attempt to write about my friends and I going snowmobiling at a cabin this weekend. She got a little off the point….

To be continued….maybe


1st Post

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Well now that this monster is off the ground I feel pretty obligated to get something up here. The real goal of the site, to the best of my knowledge, is to have a forum to say anything thing that you happen to think is important. The comments and discussion that hopefuly will follow is what this site is going to be built on. In that spirit I dont have time to finish my actual first post right now so I thought I would just start out with a simple questions for our readers (all 6 of us).

What was the most fun (not best, that will make you think about when you helped some sick kid and that is not what I am looking for, simply the most fun) day of your life?