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1 Month Anniversary of Hoboboobies

Posted in CoJo with tags , , on Friday, February 8 by Cojo

That’s right it was a month ago today that this phenomenal website got off the ground. What started as a joking conversation between Kevin and myself on New Years Eve has already grown into an internet monster that got nearly 100 hits on 2 separate days this month (99 and 98). The idea was simple just create a forum where people could discuss things they found relevant, funny, or gay. I am really happy with the site so far. It is has become something that I look forward to checking each day.

The real key to the site is the comments and discussion it creates. The posts are just a jumping off point. A good example was the “meaning of life (part 1)” post I made a few weeks ago. On it’s own it was an alright post, nothing special. Yet, if you look at that post as an entire body of work (post and 17 comments) it is actually pretty awesome. What I am saying is that you all should keep commenting.

There are a few reasons you should all comment:
1) Most of you are actually pretty funny and intelligent and this is a relatively easy way to show that off
2) I know for a fact none of you have anything better to be doing
3) It makes Kevin really happy
4) If you make the funniest comment of the month I will repost it and buy you a drink out of the account.

This Month’s funniest comment comes from Eric with regard to Charity.

1. Here is a novel idea about charity. Instead of just donating money (or not) and bitching that the value of you donation is pissed away due to some bureaucracy, why don’t you physically do something to help people out?
You are probably like, “Hey Eric, what have you done besides smoke a lot of weed and lie on your couch and watch TV?”
Well how bout this little gem for you – I took a starving and filthy homeless man from my neighborhood out to eat the other day. After talking with him over a dinner at Dick’s, I decided that I would help him out further. I let him take a shower in my apartment, got him shaved and cleaned up. Then I took him to Value Village and got him some nice clothes, including a suit. Then I taught him to speak proper English and got him a job as a Commodities Trader where he was able to corner the Orange Juice market and oh shit, I realized that this is turning into the movie Trading Places which I watched the other day when I was stoned, laying on my couch.
Umm, nevermind. Disregard this post. That movie is good every time I watch it though.

You can collect your drink from Kevin who is the official Hoboboobies Treasurer.

I am really hung over right now and tired to verge of insanity, but before I end this 1 month tribute post I wanted to point out everyone that has chosen to contribute to the site by making a comment.

kevin 51 (51 fucking comments in one month. Something for us all to strive for)
corey 31
parker 30
Eric 10
Spencer 9
The Fondeler 3
Big Blazin 2
Joe G 2
Colwell 1
T-Wade 1
AndrewWinner 1
Lawson 1
Justin 1
A chick 1
Mystery Shrink 1 1
Patmanpato 1

If you’ve commented so far excellent work and thanks. If you haven’t it would be really cool to get more people throwing their misconceptions, half truths, prejudices and unprovoked hatred into the forum.