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Don’t be afraid of the Reply to All

Posted in City with tags , , on Friday, February 8 by City

More and more i find myself using less tact. I think it may have something to do with how I think old men rule. They get mean and bitter and smell bad and I think its funny. Point in case: my liberal use of the reply to all button on emails. I have 2 examples from this week I will post.

Example #1 Swamp Donkey’s email (maybe you remember him as a 4 seed in the fight bracket) –

Subject: UW Press Release
Interesting news about the dogs!
– Tyler Sellers (aka the Swamp Donkey)

The link is if a fake ESPN article about how UW has given up their athletic department and uses UCLA’s or something, very clever of them I know.

My reply to all:
I dont think the link is working, try this one –
Signing day is tomorrow, good luck! (I hear you have some roster spots left to fill) – Parker

nothing wrong with that right? his family, our highschool principal, his friends and coworkers need to know the information I have, which is a link to a PI article about our recruiting class. In fact our highschool principal (a Dawg who I still talk to at UW games) liked it and is also a fan of the reply to all. he sent:
That reminds me, is MAD magazine still in print?
Tyler, has your trailer sold? I tried the Craigslist site, but the link had
– Mark M. Spurgeon

Well I dont understand most of what he said, but I imagine he is making fun of Tyler and his trailer which he is apparently selling on craigslist.

Example #2

Subject: 2015 US open: Chambers Bay
Report: 2015 US Open headed to new public course in Tacoma
is rising up in the world. – Tho Vo

my reply to all-

When you are at the bottom, there is only one way to go.
– Parker

Needless to say, Tho is bitter about me replying to all his highschool friends about how Tacoma sucks. We go on for … well we are still going back and for right now trading blows about hometowns – ask Corey he has been kept on the chain for some reason. Unfortunately Tho took the rest of the people on the list off, but I am thinking about including them on at the end to show what a maniac he is.

Going forward I wouldnt include me on these if you are worried about what I will say back. I dont see myself as some loose sort of loose cannon or anything, but again, I see less and less tact being used.

My point? dont be afraid of the repy all button. Value what you have to say enough to assume that the other on the list want to read it too, and if not, well screw them because I hit the reply all. In this relationship, I make the decision in what goes in to your inbox, not the other way around. whats that? probably didnt enjoy hearing my rant? well maybe her grandson shouldnt send out mass spam emails to me, in fact he probably shouldnt have me as a friend.