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Everything is borrowed

Posted in City with tags , , , on Tuesday, October 28 by City
The Streets came out with a new album recently, called Everything is Borrowed, and I have been listening to it off and on for the last few weeks. It quite a bit different from his other work. At one point on the album he talks about getting married and having a kid so I guess it’s not like he is going to make another record about smoking spliffs on the couch and trying to pull girlfriends on the weekend. Still the bigger change is that he has recently been quoted as saying that he is “fucking sick of the name (The Streets) and the conotations it brings”. Basically the album sounds sounds a lot like someone who has come to terms with the fact that he is sitting on a winning lottery ticket that he can’t stop himself from cashing in. On his last album he wrote a song that goes step by step how to pull off a fairly simple but well thought out con, and then finishes the song saying that making beats is a very similar con. He has also said that next album will be his last, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it sounds like he already has a name and has begun making the “futuristic synthesized mix” record. And a curse because I could be without Mike Skinner beats for awhile after that album.
On the current album he seems to be focused on making the songs more meaningful, and on the other hand it sounds like he is focused on making Robbie Williams style London pop hits.  However the reason I wrote about the album is because of some of the lyrics. Though they lack some of his self proclaimed “(quick) white hot wit” which defines his first albums, his sharp tongue is used in this album as more of a scathing contrarian commentary which I relate to. Here are some of my favo(u)rite lyrics:
On the Edge of a Cliff
For billions of years
since the outset of time
every single one of your ancestors survived
every single person on your mums and dad’s side
successfully looked after and passed onto you life
what are the chances of that like?
it comes to me once in a while
and everywhere i tell folk
it gets the best smile
The Way of the Dodo
Everybody do the dodo
Everybody do the dodo
I can’t imagine the day when things have actually faded away
But the day i may not be able to pay my way could be today
It’s not that I don’t care, just that I’m way too caught up with breathing air to grieve for the trees and air or how breathable air is
You go first, I’ll follow suit
Make the mistakes I’d probably make
I’m right behind you but don’t expect me to ride like it’s a race
Cos you’ll be back there picking scraps while I’m Mr. Mug, do-gooding around and I’ve lost my rank and base
I’ve got to manage my little space
It’s not earth that’s in trouble
It’s the people that live on it, no no
Earth’ll be here long after we’ve all gone the way of the dodo
 – OK, not that great of a lyric, but still… how many times have a tried to make that point before? a million times.
Alleged Legends  (from a song about a certain all-time best selling book)
(2nd verse)
There’s a bloke in the book who made everything
He knows every individual and every trick in them
Way above emotion, never getting stressed
But when men choose against him, gets jealous
People fight for him in crippling wars
But since he has the power of infinite awe
We’re merely itching on futilities floor
Should we really be needing to assist him at all?
If he loves us all, knowing all we think
Should he only like people with faith in him?
Given I can’t control what I truly believe,
Can I be forgiven for only believing who I see?
I will try to upload the mp3’s of the above songs soon…