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Happy Earth Day!

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Its that time of year again where I take the extra time to correctly sort my recyclables (taking the corks out of the wine bottles will probably save the world right? do I even need to do that? surely it cant be that big of deal. fuck it, i’m leaving them in then) and pat myself on the back for a job well done, after all it’s the earth’s birthday today, Earth Day!.

I understand that she’s 2008 years old today… can you imagine! Well here are some of my favorites pictures taken of her in the last few.

#4 Pale Blue Dot

This is the “Pale Blue Dot” photograph of the Earth taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft on July 6, 1990. The Earth is the relatively bright speck of light about halfway down the rightmost sunbeam. Estimates are it was taken over 4 billion miles from Earth.

#3 Reflections on Planet Earth

Taken from 300 kilometers above Earth. The picture is actually a self-portrait taken by astronaut Michael Fossum on July 8 during a space walk or extravehicular activity while the Discovery orbiter was docked with the International Space Station.

#2 The Blue Marble

The snapshot taken by astronauts is one of the most widely distributed photographic images in existence. The image is one of the few to show a fully lit Earth, as the astronauts had the Sun behind them when they took the image. Taken on Dec 7th 1972 by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 29,000 kilometres or about 18,000 miles.

#1 Earthrise

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on December 24, 1968, showing the Earth seemingly rising above the lunar surface. Though it apparently only looks this way if you are orbiting the moon in a direction away from the earth.

But seriously this place is rotting and filling with maniacs, if you ask me or read what Stephen Hawking said yesterday at NASA’s 50th anniversary, it’s time the get the fuck off of her. Earth day my ass, the Earth will be just fine trust me, she’s dealt with a lot worse than us. It should be People of Earth day. We are the ones who I’m worried about.


America is a Fraud

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America is analogous to our favorite TV shows that have run their course. Like “Friends”. It was a great idea, had a ton of success, but in the end NBC was just trying to ride out a dead show for as long as possible. Inventing fake drama between Ross and Rachel is no longer entertaining. America is dead too. This country was built on the driving, inventive, and innovative minds that all gathered in the westward expanding United States. We were the frontier for great minds and the possibility for progress. No longer though.


That adventure is over. There is nothing special or unique about America anymore. We are just a bunch of boring assholes fighting a failing fight to maintain the status quo established by our fathers and grandfathers. Think about your life – every single one of us consumes about 1000 times more than we produce. Does that make any sense? The world is about to change, and it is going to start with the demise of America as we know it. Scary shit, but it is a good thing.

Does anything scream that we are at the beginning of the end louder than the Canadian Dollar now being more valuable than the US dollar? I mean Fuck. Canada? Really?

What are the greatest innovative minds doing today in the US? Bullshit. If I had to point to the most promising leaders in America it would have to be Apple or Google. They are doing a nice job. But seriously, what do they do? They create a bunch of intangible crap that nobody really needs. We are not going to build America’s future on an IPod or a super fast search engine. Or at least I hope not.

We have real issues and real opportunity in America. We have an energy crisis. Isn’t that an incredible market opportunity? Build a clean and renewable energy source, and that alone could drive America’s economy for the next century.

Why doesn’t America build super fast bullet trains? I guarantee that the technology exists to build a train that could connect Seattle to Vancouver BC and make the commute less than an hour. Same with Spokane and Portland. Is there not a market for that?

Anyways, the point is that we continue to try and force the dream of America by playing games with our currency and foreign policy and fake profits in corporate America. There is no way we will be able to perpetrate the fraud of America for much longer, and thank God for that. I would rather live in a real world that rewards real productivity, than faking my way through life and gambling my future on our government’s ability to continue to convince China that our dollar is actually worth anything.

The sooner the better if you ask me. Moral of the story? Sell your stocks, invest it in gold or platinum, and start figuring out what we are going to do in our next life after this ultra-consumer based fraud of America is debunked in the near future. I pray that I live long enough to see it happen, and I will be surprised if I don’t.