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Sarah Palin and Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live

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This is very funny. You know what is not funny is the fact that Tina Fey is actually more qualified to be vice president of the United States of America. Also Jason Sudeikis’ Joe Biden is hilarious.

I can’t figure out a better way to put this video up. Parker please figure this out.

How can anyone not hate Sarah Palin???

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I on the whole try to keep the emotion of hate out of my life, but everytime I hear someone say they like the choice of Sarah Palin for Vice President it takes all my power not to go into a murderous rage and kill them on the spot. How the fuck can you like this woman. I just spent 15 minutes looking at information about her and I had to stop before I killed our secretary just for being a woman. Here are just a few (of unnumerable) reasons to hate this woman.

1) Here is her fucking academic resume:
“Palin attended several colleges and universities. In 1982, she enrolled at Hawaii Pacific College but left after her first semester. She transferred to North Idaho community college, where she spent two semesters as a general studies major. From there, she transferred to the University of Idaho for two semesters.[11][12] During this time Palin won the Miss Wasilla Pageant beauty contest,[13][14] then finished third (second runner-up) in the Miss Alaska pageant,[15][16] at which she won a college scholarship and the “Miss Congeniality” award.[17] She then left the University of Idaho and attended Matanuska-Susitna community college in Alaska for one term. The next year she returned to the University of Idaho where she spent three semesters completing her Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism, graduating in 1987″

Wow are you fucking kidding me?


Wow are you fucking kidding me?


Wow are you fucking kidding me? She seems to not know the name of a single fucking news paper.

4) This quote from LA Times

Soon after Sarah Palin was elected mayor of the foothill town of Wasilla, Alaska, she startled a local music teacher by insisting in casual conversation that men and dinosaurs coexisted on an Earth created 6,000 years ago — about 65 million years after scientists say most dinosaurs became extinct — the teacher said.

Palin told him that “dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time,” Munger said. When he asked her about prehistoric fossils and tracks dating back millions of years, Palin said “she had seen pictures of human footprints inside the tracks,” recalled Munger, who teaches music at the University of Alaska in Anchorage and has regularly criticized Palin in recent years on his liberal political blog, called Progressive Alaska. (,0,1440865.story)

Wow are you fucking kidding me?

All that great info in only 15 minutes.