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Seems like my kind of website right? By the clever cross in the T you can tell that the Christians jumped all over this URL and most likely aren’t giving it up any time soon. The CEO says it is an open forum for theological discussion, so I uploaded videos from my favorite two theologians Dr Dino and Carl Sagan. Here is Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot: Oh wait, the site won’t show the video and shows, “waiting for approval” which I am sure it will never get. I tried to log in a day later and my account is gone, I can’t even get my password reset with my email address. The bastards. So its either because my user name was jesushchrist or they didn’t like my Carl Sagan video. Well too bad for them, because I also uploaded some good old fashion evolution debugging by Dr Dino, which would have posted right away if they hadn’t deleted my account already.

If you are wondering what is actually on the website, don’t bother going. Just watch this video of a guy proving God’s existence by peeling a banana while TV’s Kirk Cameron applauds. *editor’s note: this video has been pulled from the site, but it is still funny so here is the youtube link The rest of the site is full of terrible Christian hip-hop, and a thousand Huckabee and Romney videos. This site is a piece of shit and loads really slowly. Probably because people like me are filling it all kinds of crap, but either way, I am pissed off at it and they have ruined what promised to be a perfectly good post on hoboboobies.

Lucky for me there is a jewtube, islamtube, obviously there is a pornotube, and my favorite would be beasttube but it looks like it has been taken down and probably isn’t even legal to visit.