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Materialism Revisited

Posted in Big Dog on Sunday, December 28 by KevinLHinton

I have recently been attempting to throw the entire US economy on my back as I continue to buy a lot of shit. Your welcome Target shareholders. This binge of materialism was spurred by a recent successful purchase of a very nice gray Nike sweatshirt. Unfortunately, my recent purchases have left me feeling unsatisfied. shallow. indebted. lonely.

As I lounge on my new microsuede sectional watching Sportscenter on my new flatscreen, I wonder what could have been this holiday season. I continue to aggresively pursue a domesticated lifestyle that I despise in my hypothetical blogosphere world. But where would I be today if I lived by my hoboboobies ideals? Certainly not living in the very pleasant Issaquah Highlands community. Probably would be living at the frat. Pursueing excellence. Freakdancing.

But that is a Bizarro world dream – I remain trapped in the real world. A world of comfortable couches. luxury. crisp TV screens. pleasent lamp shades. What do I make of it? It is pretty nice – but I miss my friends of  christmas past. I am committed to this experiment of materialism. Really I don’t have much else to do. I will continue to spend – so I invite you to visit. join in. observe. whatever. Just come on out – I miss hanging out more than I enjoy this soft fabric against my skin.


Let it be known to all.

Posted in Big Dog with tags , on Sunday, December 14 by KevinLHinton

There is a new LittleDog on the way. Parenting suggestions are welcome. I am traditionally very uncomfortable around children and especially babies. Also uncomforatable and awkward around girls, so that could be interesting.

Now that I am a Dad to be, I realize I will have to make a lot of lifestyle changes. Things that used to be cool are no longer cool. For example, it is wierd to watch porn or to masturbate if you are a Dad. That daily ritual of the past 14 years is on its last leg.

I have to become less dependant on swear words to make jokes funny.

I have to develop man strength. Right now it looks like I may be the first Dad to not have man strength. I have a lot of pushups to do between now and June. I think the secret is to develop your core.

In other news, I finished the book Brisngr. It was almost as bad as the movie Eragon. Very long, very boring, very shitty. Also, out of nowhere, they decided to make the series 4 books long. Great surprise ending to the worst book ever – it isn’t even really over. Now I am commited to the series and have to read another 800 pages to figure out that Eragon indeed kills Galbatrox.

Seriously though, nothing happens in this book. I think 2 or 3 significant events happen, each only takes about 20 pages. The other 700 pages are dedicated to Eragon traveling around. That was ok in LOTR, but that was because the book was about the journey, and there was a bunch of sweet shit happening along the way. In this, it literally is just him flying around talking to his stupid dragon about how sweet he is.

I will probably burn this trilogy, because my awesome child will someday see these books and the cool drawing of dragons on the front, and think, man, I want to read that book. But if LittleDog is going to build a bullettrain systems across the states, he/she better not waste his time on a POS book like Brisngr.

so thats that, then

Posted in City on Sunday, December 7 by City

“The core of the belief in progress is that human values and goals converge in parallel with our increasing knowledge. The twentieth century shows the contrary. Human beings use the power of scientific knowledge to assert and defend the values and goals they already have. New technologies can be used to alleviate suffering and enhance freedom. They can, and will, also be used to wage war and strengthen tyranny. Science made possible the technologies that powered the industrial revolution. In the twentieth century, these technologies were used to implement state terror and genocide on an unprecedented scale. Ethics and politics do not advance in line with the growth of knowledge — not even in the long run. ”
— John N. Gray