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Edwards for President?

Posted in Big Dog with tags , on Thursday, January 10 by KevinLHinton

Nobody else is posting – so I guess I will just bare the weight of getting this sweet blog rolling for now, and this is something I have been contemplating the past week.

Most Democrats are trying to decide between Hillary and Obama, and Edwards has been overlooked to a large degree. But I think that there are 2 huge reasons to endorse this guy.

First – I think we can all agree that one of the most pressing concerns of all Americans is that some asshole might drop a nuke on us one of these days. I know it scares the shit out of me. What a president is going to do about this issue should probably be all of our #1 concern, because who gives a shit about anything else if you get blown up.

Edward’s stance? The same thing I have been preaching for years. We need to get rid of all of our own nukes first, and then start using economic and political pressure to get the rest of the world on board. We try and tell countries like Iran not to build nukes – but what right do we have? Not only do we have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, but we are the only assholes that have ever used them. And we are worried about Iran? They should be worried about us. Especially with our current policy of unprovoked attacks on the middle east. The US needs to take charge on this issue, or I am going to have to move back to Spokane – nobody is nuking that place.

Second – Edward’s is the only candidate who appears passionate about taking on special interest groups. If you are not aware, our current government is broken, and almost every politician is owned by a the special interest groups that finance their campaigns. Until this is fixed, it doesn’t matter whose policies you agree with – because the special interest groups always get their way anyways.

I don’t really jive with Edwards anti-corporate stances, but corporate America isn’t going to be doing to well if a nuke gets dropped on them either. Unless another candidate gets a clue (Obama appears to be on the anti-special interest group bandwagon) I think that I am endorsing Edwards.